Mascot Battle: Week 15

Week 15?! When did that happen? Week 15 seems like a good time to battle the teams that don’t usually make the cut.

Cardinals vs. Titans. At first glance, this seems an obvious blow-out. Can a small red bird really stand up to mythological gods who have the power to destroy the world?


 Oh right, that kind of cardinal can! Advantage: Cardinals.

Saints vs. Rams. How can a ram use its horns against a spirit? A saint has to be dead to be sainted, right? Do the rams have some voodoo magic they can use?

vodoo ram


AHH! Apparently they do. Advantage: Rams.

Ravens vs. Lions. Can an annoying bird defeat the king of the jungle?

simba zazuNope! Advantage: Lions.

 Worst mascot battle of the week is Bears vs. Browns. What if the bear is brown? That defeats the entire purpose of the battle.

bear in a bear costume

 Wait, what? Advantage: Bears.

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