Mascot Battle: Week 13

Dolphins vs. Jets. Water battle!! (Yelled with the same enthusiasm as Oprah announcing a giveaway). Can some dolphins handle the Jacuzzi jets?

dolphin jet

 Whatever technology, Dolphins still win.

Rams vs. 49ers. Picture a rugged man panning for gold in a clear, California stream. A shaggy ram runs up, unseen, and head-butts the man into the stream. A fight ensues, water splashing everywhere. Is this a bad painting in your hotel room or part of the mascot battle?

ram 49er

Definitely mascot battle. Winner: Rams.

Jaguars vs. Browns. I just wanted an excuse to bring up that awful show CatDog and force you to listen to the theme song. But then I found this fun video instead:

Everyone wins this one.

Worst mascot battle of the week: Falcons vs. Bills because symbiosis of course.

symbiosis-oxWinner: Bills. Look at those horns!


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