Lexington Is Burning: The Kentucky Win Aftermath

For those of you that didn’t watch or live under a rock, Kentucky won the Mens Basketball National Championship last night. To the surprise of no one. It seemed for one shining moment that Kansas may be fighting back but never came out on top. (See what I did there?)

A little celebration is always in order after a championship win, right? Well ask the couches of Lexington, Kentucky how they feel about that. Some internet genius advised the twitter world to tune into the Lexington Police Department police scanner on line last night and it was pure gold. A little mixture of fireworks, propane tanks and fire extinguishers. And this fantastic event was live-tweeted. If you didn’t get to check out #LexingtonPoliceScanner last night, here’s a few to laugh at.

Thanks to the lovely people at SBNation for screencapping several of the good ones. The rest were found on twitter search.

The Lexington police department got a workout last night, and all the World got to collectively listen. It was a Worldwide trending topic by 3:00 AM. Thanks for the laughs Kentucky.




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