Leisa Hart’s “Abs of Steel” Review

At-home workouts like Insanity, Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, and Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body are hardcore.

But, let’s face it. Even the most dedicated fitness devotee will have days when you just don’t feel like working out. Every once in awhile, I come across a DVD that I like but don’t use regularly because it’s too easy. Abs of Steel: Sculpting and Toning with Leisa Hart was kind of like that.

The DVD consists of six workouts that are 5-10 minutes long, including:

-Ab Conditioning (10 minute standing routine)883929044436__1
-Ab Isolating (10 minute seated chair routine)
-Ab Toning (5 minute floor mat work)
-Ab Flowing (5 minute floor mat work)
-Ab Pilates (5 minute floor mat work)
-Ab Yoga (10 minute floor mat work)

The bonus feature includes three pre-set routines that combine workout segments:

-ab conditioning + ab isolating
-ab yoga + ab flowing
-ab pilates + ab toning

There is also a “Music Only” option, and there are three five-minute bonus workouts (an “Ab Challenge,” a “Bun Challenge,” and an “Ab Stretch”).

Three intensity levels are demonstrated in each workout, but really the workout is best for beginners. None of the moves are that challenging for a person with fitness experience, even when done at the intermediate or advanced levels. This workout does not even come close to the classic Abs of Steel series with Tamilee Webb.

I really do want to like this workout. I thought the moves were unique. They are done in a “flowing” sort of way, where it’s almost like a little dance. I like Leisa Hart as an instructor. Her cues are good. She’s motivating and friendly, but she’s not chatty. But, I’m not sure this workout is useful for my fitness goals and level. The core was engaged, but it did not challenge me at all.

This is the kind of DVD I might keep around for times when I don’t feel like working out. Some exercise is better than no exercise. Eventually though, it’ll probably end up on my Swap-a-DVD tower for other members to request.

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