La Liga Recap: This Past Week Part 2

Alrighty! On to part two of last week! I think it’s a bit crazy that the turn around from Week 5 to Week 6 of the La Liga campaign was essentially nonexistent. Each team had only two days of rest between their games, including travel days. Poor players must have been exhausted! Anyways, to the midweek fixtures!

Whew! Talk about some referee drama! Elche versus Real Madrid ended in massive drama as thousands of people were calling to local police to report a robbery at the stadium. Real Madrid went up early in the second half thanks to a straight free kick goal by Cristiano Ronaldo. Then Elche equalized in the 91st minute! It looked to be a crushing defeat-like result to Real Madrid who had played poorly. Elche probably deserved the draw. The game kept going, however, until Madrid were awarded a penalty thanks to some conniving genius by Pepe who pulled a defender down on him in the penalty box. The ref, Cesar Muñiz, awarded the penalty and Ronaldo scored from the spot. This particular ref has made other questionable (re: wrong) decisions in the past, e.g. the disallowed goal for Sevilla against Barcelona. Suddenly this mess turned into a Madrid-Barça event:
Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 11.51.19 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-29 at 11.51.06 AMGerard Pique of Barça tweeted during the game that he was glad Canal+ was airing a comedy show. Álvaro Arbeloa of Madrid responded in kind later on in the bus home by tweeting a picture of his teammates and calling out Pique on his acting skills on the pitch. As soon as the final whistle was blown on Elche’s field, pandemonium erupted and the ref had to be escorted out of the stadium by armed guards. Seesh!

In other less contentious but still exciting news, my least favorite player Diego Costa is still performing wonders for Atlético Madrid. He scored a brilliant brace against Osasuna ensuring Atleti’s winning streak survived. Now the Spanish FA are pleading for the Brazilian FA to allow Costa to become a Spanish national player since his “style and technique” are more Spanish than Brazilian. We just have to wait a little longer to see how that one pans out.

Rayo Vallecano lost again despite carrying the majority of the possession in the game. Match after match, Rayo control possession but cannot for the life of them manage to score a goal. They are the first team in I forget how long to have more possession than Barcelona in a game. And Barça still managed to beat them 4-0 last weekend. And it happened again on Wednesday against Sevilla. Here are the full results from the midweek:

The breaking point of Elche vs Real Madrid

The breaking point of Elche vs Real Madrid

Barcelona 4-1 Real Sociedad
Levante 1-1 Valladolid
Atlético Madrid 2-1 Osasuna
Málaga 2-0 Almería

Granada 0-1 Valencia
Sevilla 4-1 Rayo Vallecano
Elche 1-2 Real Madrid

Athletic Bilbao 2-1 Real Betis
Getafe 2-0 Celta Vigo
Villarreal 2-0 Espanyol

Keep a lookout for the third part of this installment on the smushed together Weeks 5, 6, and 7 from La Liga!

Photos courtesy of Twitter and LigaBBVA. Follow @AerysSoccer for updates on soccer around the world!

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