La Liga Recap: This Past Week Part 1

So La Liga decided to turn on the turbo jets and have three rounds of games in one week. I could barely keep up with all the action. Actually, I didn’t keep up with all of it, but here’s a quick recap of what happened last weekend in Spain:

Real Sociedad and Málaga played to a flat 0-0 draw last Saturday

Real Sociedad and Málaga played to a flat 0-0 draw last Saturday

Both Real Madrid and Barcelona had outstanding results against their opponents. Madrid beat Getafe 4-1 in a mini-Madrid Derby at home in the Santiago Bernabéu. Barcelona were also in Madrid last weekend for their game against Rayo Vallecano which the Catalans one 4-0. Poor, poor Rayo look like a shadow of the team they had last season. There was a mass exodus from Rayo after last season and it looks like the team is struggling pretty hard at the moment. However, they did the same thing last season so maybe there’s still some hope that they can turn their season around.

Espanyol and Athletic Bilbao had a rather exciting outing on Monday, trading blow for blow. However, Athletic couldn’t pull it off at the end and lost on the road. Real Sociedad and Málaga drew 0-0 in a particularly flat game. Something in Real Sociedad isn’t clicking since their first win of the season. I don’t know if they’re jaded from their loss in the opening game of the Champions League group stage, but they don’t look as dominating as I expected them to be. Here are the full results from the weekend:

Espanyol celebrated their win against Athletic Bilbao

Espanyol celebrated their win against Athletic Bilbao

Osasuna 2-1 Elche

Real Sociedad 0-0 Málaga
Almería 2-2 Levante
Rayo Vallecano 0-4 Barcelona
Valladolid 0-2 Atlético Madrid

Real Betis 0-0 Granada
Celta Vigo 0-0 Villarreal
Real Madrid 4-1 Getafe
Valencia 3-1 Sevilla

Espanyol 3-2 Athletic Bilbao

The midweek recap of La Liga will follow soon so keep in touch!

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