LA Galaxy Soup: Happy hump day!

Happy hump day LA Galaxy fans. Here’s a random LA Galaxy soup to get your Wednesday started off on the right foot… or the wrong foot. I guess it all depends on how you look at it!

There’s a tug-of-war match that’s happening between LA Galaxy, USMNT and the Ireland National team. LA has a huge match coming up next week against Montreal and Bruce Arena wants all hands on deck. This is difficult because LA’s two key players, Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan, are missing due to International duty. Bruce doesn’t like that therefore LA Galaxy has requested that both of these players be released and return to play in next week’s MLS game. Dun dun dun! Before everyone freaks out, USMNT has already qualified for the World Cup and have virtually nothing to worry about.

Klinsmann though wants his best players and stated, “I want to go down to Panama to get three points, so we’re going to take a very strong group.” (See what I mean by tug-of-war?) Ireland is a whole other ball game though, they haven’t had the best of luck in qualifying and if things don’t tun around they’ll be out of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup by the weekend. Keane was adamant that he would choose his National team over LA while Donovan stated he would rather be in LA but if he’s asked to stay with the USMNT he’ll “gladly do it”. The decision won’t be in until Friday so we’ll have to wait until then to know the answer! From a fan’s view, it’s a good move from Bruce to try and get Keane and Donovan back with playoff hopes on the line. With a win against Montreal LA will acquire 3 points to make their total 51 and their playoff hopes will (hopefully) be set in stone. It’s a big game and having these two key players will make it a bit easier!

In other news, kind of, Omar Gonzalez has been ruled out of the USMNT qualifying game due to a left hip strain. He made the announcement on Monday and was then replaced by Puebla defender Michael Orozco. No one is quite sure the severity of Omar’s injury but hopefully things will be good for next week’s game!

Woo hoo! Thanks for tuning in for this random LA Galaxy soup and don’t forget to follow @AerysSoccer on twitter. You can also follow me (@Kristian_16) as I’ll have random LA updates and thoughts about the games in real time!


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