LA Galaxy Shut Out By The Rapids

No Omar, no Donovan, no Keane. It seems like LA can’t catch a break once they start to get their feet back underneath them. What I mean is LA struggles tremendously when they are missing one of their key players, and it usually happens when they are missing Omar Gonzalez. Tonight’s game was no different. Even though LA has won four out of their last six games, tonight seemed to go in the opposite direction, and it wasn’t fun to watch. At least Clint Irwin is on my fantasy team!

news_thumb_41135_630It all went down in the first half as I was trying to cram my Geology homework in before my exam next week… Not the point, the point was that I wasn’t paying attention because nothing on the field was really worth commenting on. Up until the 38th minute both teams were playing dully and without that extra spark. In the 42nd minute Colorado put on a show for their hometown crowd and took the lead. Cudicini was complaining to the ref while he should have been paying attention to the corner kick, but alas he wasn’t and Thomas put the ball in the net. It had me slapping my forehead in utter confusion and a tad bit of madness mixed together. As the whistle blew at the end of forty-five Colorado had the lead.

Second half … I don’t even know or care to dive into how bad of a start it was for LA. In the 47th minute the defense made a mistake, but not as big as Cudicini’s. Cudicini came off his line and before he even made a move to the ball he kind of flopped and Dillon Powers slotted the ball into the back of the net. It was another moment where I slapped my forehead. The only reason I’m being so hard on Cudicini is because I was the goalie on my team, I know basically all the in’s and out’s. Sure I’m not a pro but I know how much a keeper can get away with. It just gets on my ever loving nerves that Cudicini isn’t playing smart… and enough of that rant. After the flub in the defense things didn’t get any better for LA. Colorado got a few more shots off, but luckily didn’t score. In the closing minutes LA had a chance to get a goal but couldn’t finish it off. It only took 87 minutes for LA to get a shot in the second half! As the final whistle blew LA had lost 2-0.

Taylor Twellman made a great point about LA in the final 15 minutes of the game. He said that you couldn’t blame any single player for the way LA has been playing in the final 15 minutes; you have to blame the team as a whole. It’s not as much as their physical aspect as it is their mental. I have to agree 100% on this, and hopefully getting the big impact players back will help. Another good thing about tonight is that RSL and Vancouver lost too! If you’re keeping up with the points these loses are a good thing for LA.

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