Ketchup-Eater Walks Off For Bowie

Here Caleb interacts with a small child.

It was the bottom of the 18th, and Caleb Joseph stepped to the plate.

And then he ended it. The longest game in Bowie’s franchise history was finished with one swing of Caleb’s bat, and the Baysox walked off 3-2.

The game was record-breaking, that’s for sure. The official article on the game went through all of those records that were shattered:

Numerous franchise records were toppled as the game stretched into the night. The longest inning game in franchise history was 16 innings and had been done twice, but the Baysox topped that by playing 18 innings. The longest game time was 5:02 and occurred at New Britain on May 8, 2006. The Baysox topped that by playing 5:27. During that same game in 2006, three batters came to the plate a record-setting eight times. On Saturday night, Avery and Miclat joined the eight at-bat club.

For more on why I call Caleb “Ketchup-Eater,” read this post here.

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