Kelsey's MLB Fan Cave Trip To Arizona

NOTE: Our favorite Fan Cave finalist, Kelsey Shea Weinrich, fills us in on her experience last week with the other 29 as they traveled to Arizona. Want to help her out? Click here and vote for her picture (the same picture used below) on the MLB Fan Cave’s page.


By Kelsey Shea Weinrich

This past week, 30 people from across the country gathered in Arizona with two things in common: a passion for baseball and the fact that the MLB Fan Cave had recognized it.

We jumped off of each other’s computer screens and into each other’s arms. (And into the sleeves of some awesome new gear complimentary of Majestic!) I don’t think the MLB could have ever expected the warm welcome … it was as if long-lost siblings had finally been reunited.

On Day One, we found ourselves in an intimidating room filled with big whigs, cameras, and yes … a gong. If you’ve seen the MLB’s recent video you know what I’m talking about. Framed with the Fan Cave logo, we were given 60 seconds exactly to sell ourselves. And lucky for me, I ended right on time!

Next, I was called in front of a panel for questioning and I have to say, this might have been one of my favorite parts. The great people of the MLB were so generous to genuinely invest some time and get to know each of us. They put me at ease and I was stripped of any gimmick, any cry for attention. It was just me talking me and sharing my passion.

That night, we were in for a taste of the MLB Network as we played Baseball IQ: Fan Cave style, complete with host Matt Vasgersian and gong-ringer extraordinaire Eric Byrnes. My team unfortunately didn’t last past the semi-finals, but it would have been difficult to beat the great trivia mind that is Ben Christensen.

And when the sun went down, we were surprised to find a karaoke party waiting for us at the Diamondback’s Chase Field! What a way to end the day!

Day Two consisted of several interesting challenges at the Spring Training home of the Diamondbacks and the Rockies, Salt River Fields.

I interviewed my first MLB player, the D-backs’ Ryan Roberts! I even received my very own tattoo from the man affectionately dubbed, “Tatman.” If you need to ask why, you should probably just check out this clip.

Other things thrown at us included a Sony picture challenge, in which we were given amazing Sony Cybershot cameras and asked to record our day. And then there was the challenge in which we were grouped together and asked to film a 30 second commercial for the website.

There were certain restrictions … It had to be filmed in a single shot, every team member had to make an appearance and there was to be no editing. My team must have done a good job because it was announced today that we won free subscriptions to! Check it out here.

To cap off the whole experience, we were given a private party at a swanky bowling alley called “Lucky Strike.” The MLB really was too good to us …

That night, most of us found ourselves vowing not to sleep until we boarded our respective planes. We were not about to miss out on a minute of being together because we all knew that soon the clock could strike midnight and the MLB could have a pile of pumpkins on their hands.

Sitting at Jerry’s Diner at 4 a.m., I looked around at the faces that surrounded me. The faces I’d spent a mere 48 hours with — the faces of my competition — and yet I knew they were my closest friends at the moment.

No matter what happens in the next step of the MLB Fan Cave journey, my life has been forever changed and I will always thank the Fan Cave for that. I should find out sometime early next week whether or not I have made it into the Cave, so stay tuned to find out the results. But also stay tuned because either way, you haven’t heard the last from me!

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