Just One Win For Bulls Circus Trip

Credit: Daily Herald

Credit: Daily Herald

The Chicago Bulls took another loss last night during their annual circus trip. They lost to the struggling Cleveland Cavaliers, 97-93. The majority of the game was close with countless opportunities to win, especially with several attempts at point blank range near the rim late in the fourth quarter. The only victory the Bulls had was against the Detroit Pistons during their 6 game circus trip. The team stats between the Bulls and Cavaliers were very similar, but the major difference was that the Bulls could not make their free throws when it mattered. Joakim Noah was only 0/2 and Tony Snell was 1/4 from the charity stripe.

Despite losing 5 of their last 10 games, the Bulls are still 2nd in the Central Division behind the Indiana Pacers. Chicago is also in the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. To give some perspective, if the Bulls were in the West with the record of 7-8, they would be sitting in the 13th seed. Only 3 teams in the East are with a record of .500 ore better (Pacers, Heat, and Hawks). The Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat are the only two legit threats to the teams in the Western Conference.

Fans and analysts are still torn on whether or not the Chicago Bulls should tank. It’s so early in the season and the Bulls have a long road ahead of them. There’s no word on if Jimmy Butler will be returning this week, but on a positive note, he can now put on a shoe. Butler is currently struggling with the extremely nagging turf toe injury. But, look for the front office to make some decisions before the trade deadline which is February 20th.

Mike James is now the official backup point guard for the Bulls. He’s a veteran and that’s about it. The Bulls are clearly struggling to find players to substitute for the absence of Derrick Rose. For Coach Thibodeau and the Bulls, the road won’t get much easier. Somehow they’ll have to withstand the hardships that are ahead.

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