Joakim Noah Puts The Bulls On His Back

114202383_crop_650x440_crop_exactJoakim Noah led the Chicago Bulls to a 96-85 victory over the Brooklyn Nets. Noah had another great game with 21 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocks. On Thursday, Joakim Noah added his name to NBA history for scoring 23 points, 21 rebounds, and 11 blocks against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Chicago Bulls also got the 93-82 victory in that game. While it was certainly a big deal for the Bulls to get wins over the Sixers and Nets, tonight they will face the Indiana Pacers who sit in the 3rd spot in the Eastern Conference. The Pacers are having a great season even though for the majority of it, they did not have Danny Granger. Paul George and David West have been leading the Pacers to victories with their new tough, aggressive attitudes. Joakim Noah and the Bulls will have to out hustle the Pacers and control their turnovers. The Indiana Pacers are a tough team who aren’t intimidated by anyone.

Joakim will need another big game and the rest of the Bulls will have to step up and play consistently on both sides of the floor. The Chicago Bulls are now in the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference, so tonight is considered an even bigger, more important game. Indiana is 1st in points allowed (89.6) and rebounds per game (45.8). It’s gonna take more than Noah to grab rebounds. Not having Taj Gibson will certainly hurt the Bulls. So maybe Coach Thibodeau will have Nazr Mohammed assisting Noah in the paint. Also, Lou Amundson will get some playing time, if things get too ugly on the boards. The game will be aired on ESPN at 8pm ET tonight.


Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls game highlights:

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