Jim Brown Returns To The Cleveland Browns

Jim Brown has returned to the Cleveland Browns. Don’t worry, we’re not that desperate for players. On Wednesday, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam announced that Brown was rejoining the Browns as a “special adviser.” Well, that sounds like a made up title, but who cares? It’s Jim Brown.


Not sure what the “special adviser” position is, but hopefully Jim Brown has a positive affect. Maybe he’ll do some baby holding in a colorful hat? Let’s hope so.

Haslam told reporters that having Brown back with the team “is tremendously important.” Brown said that he’ll be mostly focusing on “player engagement”… not sure what that means exactly but we’ll take it. Haslam also said that the players respect Browns and “will listen to him.” So, again, what exactly can Brown do for you?… I mean the team? Well maybe he’ll be pacing the sidelines in case Trent Richardson forgets how to run through the defensive line, I don’t know.

Brown also said that “everybody that thought I had no value is gone [from the Browns organization].” This is a subtle dig at former CEO Mike Holmgren who really didn’t give the Hall of Fame player the time of day. But he’s gone and a (read: yet another) new regime is here, and they have seemed to embrace the legendary running back.

Brown also seemed to address the underlying question about Haslam and his company’s legal issues. He stated that he would stick with the new ownership “come hell or high water.” Let’s hope he doesn’t regret saying that. Over the past few years, Jim Brown has been making himself seen on numerous local news shows doing sports analysis and the like.  It’s clear that as soon as Haslam took over, his people talked to Browns’ people and maybe they held hands and sang “Kum Ba Yah” or something. Whatever they did, I’m glad they did because it will be excellent to have Brown back in orange and…. brown.

What excites me the most is that it seems like Brown will not only be advising the players, but will also be interacting in the community with the Browns fan base. We’ve been gluttons for punishment for the past 13 years, so we deserve nice things; or at least one nice thing. If the only nice thing we get this year is Jim Brown, I won’t be thrilled, but I won’t hate it either.

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