Jereme Richmond Found Guilty

jereme-richmondJereme Richmond has been busy since leaving the Illini basketball team in 2011 after one year in hopes of being drafted (he wasn’t), only he hasn’t been playing basketball.

Richmond has faced legal trouble after legal trouble, and things are finally catching up to him. Yesterday, Richmond was found guilty of 2 out of 3 counts of harassment of a witness, including conveying a threat of personal injury or property damage.

Always a great idea to threaten someone, and Richmond went the extra mile by threatening his probation officer who was pretty much just doing his job. Richmond was originally on probation for pleading guilty of gun charges (there were also reports that he beat a woman and threatened her with the gun…).

Richmond has gotten into trouble repeatedly since leaving school, but as a fan I am can’t say I’m sad he left. Everyone was shocked and angry at his decision to enter the draft so early, but it has become clear that he was more troubled than we thought. He never lived up to expectations while an Illini, and he had problems on and off the court. There is also speculation that had he not dropped out, he would’ve been asked to leave.

It’s a sad story and I certainly don’t wish him any harm. Perhaps a little time in jail will finally wake him up, though I don’t see that happening.

With the latest charge he faces probation or 3-7 years in prison.

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