Jason Peters Arrested in Louisiana

Booking photo

Eagles tackle Jason Peters was arrested early Saturday for a loud music violation and not cooperating with police in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Peters was reportedly on his was to a club where he was a guest for rapper Rick Ross. Coincidentally, Ross was arrested in a separate incident.

According to TMZ, the Peters situation went down like this:

“he was busted for a loud music violation and resisting an officer after cops asked him to turn down the music in his car and he refused. Police tell us they asked Peters for his ID several times, but he refused that too. “

What is it with Eagles players thinking that not cooperating with police is a good idea? If you recall, King Dunlap was arrested in Nashville earlier this month and thought it a good idea to refuse to comply with a police request to move his his car off of the sidewalk.

The good news is, the trouble Eagles have gotten into thus far this offseason has been very minor. The bad news is that in both instances, minor situations escalated into more serious matters due to a lack of cooperation/good judgment from the players involved.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. A message to members of the Philadelphia Eagles and every member of society: In an argument between you and the police, you are going to lose.