It’s Opening Day. Do You Know Where Your Orioles Are?

Well, if you don’t, they’re in the Trop today taking on the Rays at 7 pm, and you’ll be able to catch them on MASN. In terms of how the team looks, I really have to say I’m satisfied.

Guthrie is on the bump today against David Price, which I think is a good first matchup even though I’d love to see Matusz take on that Opening Day honor. Truth be told, Spring Training showed me that Matusz isn’t fully ready to wear the title of ace just yet, as he’s still tooling around with his mechanics and finding his groove. I can guarantee that within the next three years, though, he’ll grow into the ace we know he’s capable of being.

I’m a lot more relaxed about the infield than I thought I would be, too, especially given that with the exception of Brian Roberts it looks extremely different from last year. Seeing Derrek Lee performing better during the last week of Spring Training was a good sign, but I’m still concerned about Reynolds’ strikeout numbers. I’ve always liked players who hit for average, and I’m a little iffy on Reynolds for that reason. That said, he has excellent power.

I don’t get why people are calling Wieters a bust, too. See, he’s not God, and that’s okay. It takes time for a player to adjust to the Majors. Weets advanced really quickly, but then had to adjust to a whole new slew of pitchers to catch, as well as more advanced pitching to face at the plate. I’m looking for Weets to put a solid year together based on this now that he’s getting used to the bigs.

And that outfield should produce. In fact, if it doesn’t produce, I get the feeling people are going to be really quite angry over it. So all of you need to be nice and not tweet horrible things at @SimplyAJ10 if he doesn’t live up to your expectations. (I also owe him a drawing, on that note. I need to make a copy.)

Really, there aren’t too many questions about where the Orioles stand this year. I’m projecting a 78-84 win season for them this year, and I’d love to see them exceed my expectations but it’s more likely that they’ll still land where I’m guessing they will.

Any other questions you have about the team this year? Want to share your projections for the season? Feel free to tell me in the comments!

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