I’m Defending Brian Urlacher

In Defense of Brian Urlacher (Photo via. 961wodz.com)

Let me start with a quote that a good friend shared with me this week while discussing this situation:

“When you start listening to the fans and the media, you will soon become one.” – Marv Levy

Let me also start by saying that I am not a ‘booer’ against my own team. It’s not my style. I don’t do it ever. I refuse to. I just won’t. Never ever.

And ALSO, Bears fans are some of the best in the league and among the most passionate BY FAR. I’m NOT bashing them (us), I appreciate them and love them (us). We are all ONE family. But this is another side of the story to think about before you rip my head off.

With that being said, I’m going to say that this is a completely biased post in defense of Brian Urlacher, so if you don’t want to read it, I don’t blame you.

As we all know by now, Brian Urlacher (mis)spoke about the media and the fans after the loss to Green Bay on Sunday. He said, more or less, that he does not care about the fans or media (see quote above please), no one really knows what they are talking about, defending Lovie Smith, and the Bears get booed more than any other team in their division. And let me say that this DID NOT sit well with most Bears fans. People left and right completely turning on the one Bear who has dedicated his career to this city and this team: ‘disowning’ him, ripping him apart, saying he should be cut with Lovie, he’s overrated, etc., etc.

And now, more recently, Lance Briggs has defended Urlacher and his statements. Saying that the booing stems from the passion Bears fans have, although it turns negative once they start losing.

And I’ve been trying to keep my opinion to myself on this one, but I can’t any longer, so here it goes…

We are fans and nothing more. We are NOT in the locker room. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. As much as I wish I were in the locker room every day, we aren’t. So don’t you think Brian has a point? We really DON’T know everything about what is happening. We know what the media tells us and what our neighbor says they saw on Twitter, but we don’t know anything as concrete. And most of you would argue you don’t want to know what is going on, you just want to win. Which leads me to my next point…

The players are just as frustrated with losing as you are. If you honestly think that Bears players aren’t completely emotional right now and fed up with this record after starting 7-1, then you may or may not need help. They are pissed. We are pissed. Everyone is pissed. I don’t think it’s fair to think that Brian spoke from a level-headed point of view. And on top of losing, he can’t even play. Don’t you think that frustrates him even more? Try to look at this from his point of view for a second.

Bears fans are some of the most passionate in the NFL. This is something everyone can recognize, everyone around the league. But being one of those fans, we MUST realize that this includes positive passion and negative.

Make sure you’re pointing your fingers at the right people. I know some people don’t want to admit it, but buying a jersey at Sports Authority and throwing it on an hour before the game does not mean you know a ton about football. I’m sure it was a chain reaction on Sunday when the booing occurred, but hopefully most of you know that attacking Urlacher and his comments are only taking the pressure off of those who can actually make decisions and change this team. I know you are disappointed at the performance and not the players (most of you), but does it look like that? Because now it seems like the world versus Brian Urlacher and that should not be the case.

The whole: “we pay your salary” argument is overdone. Just stop. Because I’m sure he could care less where his money is coming from. Try to put more thought into it than that.

I will always have Urlacher’s back. Like I said earlier, I am completely biased here. I have watched Brian devote his career to this city and team for the past 13 years. He has never been one to really cater to the fans. He’s honest and lives to play in this city. I appreciate his passion and he has always been my favorite Bear, always. I’m appreciative that we have someone like him on this team, even after he said these comments.

I know that this is not enough for some of you to change your mind on the comments. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything about the fans. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut. Maybe he should just not talk ever.

I genuinely respect the other side of the argument here.

I don’t blame anyone for thinking differently than I because I can understand the frustration. All I’m saying is that I did not take one comment he said personally, and neither should you. If there is one player in our generation that understands the passion and family mentality of Bears fans, it’s Brian. He did not mean any harm. He loves this city and this team.

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