Illibuck, rivalry uniforms, and Candy Crush Saga

I’m not going to talk a lot about that Illinois game. I’m not going to talk about it because Ohio State blew out the Illini 60-35, yet people are treating it like the worst loss in OSU history.

First of all, Wisconsin, who has turned into a media “this is really the best team in the B1G and not OSU even though OSU beat them and it wasn’t even as close as the score makes it appear” darling, yielded 32 points to the Illini while scoring 56. In fact, lots of teams have yielded points to the Illini. They are averaging roughly 35 points per game and they were facing an OSU squad that featured a large number of second stringers due to various injuries, including Joe Perry’s “are you kidding me, that happened” injury involving slipping on the ice and hitting his head. Never mind that Washington, a team that was bested by previous week’s darling Stanford by a mere three points, only beat them by ten. Facts never mattered much to some of these pundits, but there they are.

Also, yes, MSU only yielded 3 points to the Illini. To say this is a “definite” indicator that MSU will beat OSU in the B1GCG is a statement fraught with delusion. Does my saying that mean that MSU has no chance of beating OSU? No, it does not. However, the somewhat inconsistent MSU offense has to hold up their end of the bargain and that is far from a given. MSU scored 14 points against Purdue, 17 against Notre Dame, 21 against USF, and 26 against “row, row, row” Western Michigan. They’ve topped 40 4 times, one of which was against FCS foe Youngstown State. As annoyed as Buckeye fans are with the inconsistent D, MSU has to be feeling the same about the other side of the ball.

So, let’s move on from the Illinois game. Let’s let the talking heads and their agendas talk about it more. Buckeye Nation, stop letting ESPN ruin big wins and 22 straight for you. It’s not a good look. Also, enjoy the fact that Illibuck, that whimsical turtle that comes with defeat of the Illini, will reside in Columbus for at least one more year. Frankly, that’s what it’s all about, B1G glory and a wooden turtle. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Moving on.

Ohio State is playing Indiana this coming weekend in the 3:30 Eastern slot. Or, as I like to call it, the “we are really hoping for a highly visible upset, but will settle if this is a division clinching win” spot. I’m not sure if you have watched Indiana at all this year or not. Probably not, but if you haven’t, they have been sporting these helmets that will surely cause you to develop an intense craving for peppermints or a desire to beat “just one more level” in Candy Crush. I desperately hope they wear these helmets in Ohio Stadium. Why? Just because.


It’s worth noting that OSU had some struggles against Indiana last year, and that the ticket to the B1GCG is not yet punched, in spite of what others might have you believing to the contrary. It is possible we could have another frustrating shoot-out. It is possible OSU will slip up on Senior Day and leave the clinching win for the following week.

Speaking of the following week, that game happens to be against TTUN. That’s not necessarily what you want to have for a clinching game, should a slip occur. I know many still have nightmares of that particular institution screwing things up for The Buckeyes in the past. Sure, it would have to be a “playing out of our minds” kind of game for the Wolverines to win, but why ignore the elephant in the room?

Ohio State has decided to stack the deck, though, and call upon rivalry uniform mojo for this one. Ohio State has a rather solid record when wearing alternate uniforms. These are a little different than in the past, though, as they are going with all white.


Yes, Urban is shunning all fashion rules and going with all-white after Labor Day. It’s a risky venture, and one that I actually like. I know I’ve ridiculed many an alternate in the past, but I do love the helmets that have been worn in combination with recent rivalry unis and I am really liking the all-white. It’s eye popping. Also, recruits will love it and there will be plenty with an eye on this match-up.

just two games remain in the regular season. It has happened so quickly.

Oh, right, in case you missed it, Ohio State’s men’s hoopsters beat Marquette on their court on Saturday. The game was rather ugly at the start, but The Buckeye offense started to hit shots in the second half and the defense was just outstanding. It was Marquette’s first loss at home in two years. It’s a big win for The Buckeyes and one that should give a little hope to those who felt OSU was a little overrated this year.

Of course, unlike their football counterparts, a win likely won’t drop the basketball Bucks in the polls so quickly.

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