No. Words.

No. Words.

Forget what you heard about Jarome Iginla going to the Bruins.

Earlier tonight, it was reported that Iginla to the Boston Bruins was pretty much a done deal. Everyone was just waiting for official confirmation from the Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster. Well, we got confirmation of a trade. It just wasn’t to where we were expecting.

Jarome Iginla is now a Pittsburgh Penguin. We were trolled hardcore.

The Penguins didn’t give up much. They gave the Calgary Flames  Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski, as well as the Penguins’ first round pick from the 2013 draft. Amazing.

No word on when Iginla will play his first game as a Penguin, or what line he’ll play on, but one has to imagine he’s going to be playing with Sid. It resulted in some golden results last time (sorry, I had to. Canadian pride and all).

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