I Don’t Know Who This Team Is Anymore: The Orioles Be Trollin’

My nominee for the new Orioles mascot based on their past week and a half of play.

Two out of three against the Rays.

Two out of three against the Angels.

Three out of four against the Red Sox.

A win against the Tigers yesterday.

Are these really the Orioles? Is this really the team that was eliminated months ago? If they spoil contending teams so well, why didn’t they play like this the rest of the season? Where was this style of baseball back in May? Why are they winning now instead of for the rest of the year? If they really are this good, they could’ve done quite a bit of winning, after all. They could’ve been in the middle of things, competing.

Honestly? I think the Orioles are really enjoying playing the spoiler role. Think of it as trolling. Allow the internet to explain:

In this sense, we’re using the term ‘trolling’ to mean ‘being disruptive.’ None of that offensive stuff it means to non-internet people can be found here. After all, is there anything offensive about the Orioles besides their lack of good play except when it doesn’t matter?

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