Hot Mess? A Hot Mess Of White Sox Baseball!

It was a balmy 80 degrees roughly at game time this afternoon. And the wind was blowing out at Wrigley Field today.  Obviously you would expect the balls to be flying out of the park in such conditions.

bad, bad day at the office today

bad, bad day at the office today

And they did. Just not for the White Sox. By the time the fifth inning had started, seven runs had already been scored in the game. There was even a grand slam. If you guessed that the majority of those runs were not scored by the White Sox, you would be correct about that.

No it was yet again another bad day in the Chicago World Series for the White Sox. Jake Peavy gave up a grand slam to Travis Wood. Who, you might ask? Oh, just the STARTING PITCHER FOR THE CUBS TODAY. I’m sure no one felt crappier about that development than Jake did. Not to mention, a lot of the scoring the Cubs had done was of the most annoying variety. The kind that happens when there are two outs already in the inning. The White Sox had a spat of doing that, but lately, not so much.

In fact, Jake only lasted four innings in the game. True, the wind didn’t help things. And of course, of course, there were some defensive miscues. Weird cut-off throws. Misplayed balls in the outfield. Inability to catch the ball. Yeah, it was all there.

After Jake’s very brief outing, Nate Jones came in and he was not looking good. Again. Last season, Nate was just amazing. This season, he has been anything but. Now I’m wondering just how much leash is on him before a move to Charlotte is in his future. He needs to get right and now it just isn’t happening for him.

As for the White Sox offense, only Paul Konerko was able to drive in any runs for the White Sox. There was a late run but it did nothing to help the cause. There was a slight possibility for the Sox to try and redeem themselves when Carlos Marmol came in the game in the eighth inning. Unfortunately for the Sox, but fortunately for the Cubs, Marmol did not make it an adventure in his performance today.

Fortunately, for now the Chicago World Series is over. For Cubs fans, it was a huge highlight as they saw some of the best baseball their team has played all season. For the White Sox, it was a low as this series put the team under .500 again and was supposed to help them potentially gain ground in the AL Central.

The Sox now continue the road trip with a stop on the West Coast. First up is Oakland, a team that has been fairly hot of late.