Henrying 2.0 (or How the Red Bulls beat FC Dallas)

Newsflash! It was an own goal that would put the New York Red Bulls at the top of the Eastern Conference. It’s the fourth victory for the guys and now, I’m really hoping someone is going way back to the start of the season when I said that this could be their year. What’s that you say? You want to know about that other thing that happen and hate when I tell you, “I told you so.”

Well, let’s get to it. I’m pretty sure we’re all acquainted with a little thing called, “Henrying.”


But then something else happened during Sunday’s game that made us all wonder if Thierry was going to try to make another magical MLS moment…you guessed right, he did. Introducing Henrying 2.0!

photo credit: Trisha Bolastig

photo credit: Trisha Bolastig

Henrying aside, we had the return of Tim Cahill who joined Dax McCarty in the midfield. As head coach, Mike Petke said, “We were energetic, we put them under pressure, we had many opportunities on goal and I was happy with the way we played.” It goes without saying that even after Brazilian midfielder, Erick’s own goal, FC Dallas did try to get their shots in but nothing worked. Even a late one on one between RBNY goalkeeper, Luis Robles and FC Dallas’ Jackson couldn’t break New York down.


Currently, the Red Bulls sit atop the league with 51 points and Sporting Kansas City breathing down their neck. We have goalkeeper, Luis Robles with a cleansheet and the team still in the running for Supporter’s Shield. The team is going to need everything when they travel to face the Seattle Sounders next week. We can only hope for something amazing to happen when Thierry Henry and Clint Dempsey meet!

Henrying 2.0

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