Heisman finalists announced

The regular college football season is over so that means it’s now time for the overly-exaggerated-we-already-know-who-will-win awards season. On Monday afternoon, the 2013 Heisman Trophy finalists were announced and they decided to go big this year by taking six players – four quarterbacks and two running backs.

The ceremony is always aired on TV so with all the extra “baggage” this year, not sure if that means it will be like the never-ending awards show or what. Hopefully it’s condensed for those of you that care about watching it.

The finalists are as follows:heisman

Jameis Winston – quarterback – Florida State

Johnny Manziel- quarterback – Texas A&M

Jordan Lynch – quarterback – Northern Illinois

A.J. McCarron – quarterback – Alabama

Tre Mason- running back – Auburn

Andre Williams – running back – Boston College

If you think someone other than Winston is going to win the award, well, sorry. This has been going to him since October, regardless of all the off-the-field “news” about him lately.

I do like the fact that the voters have given McCarron a nod. The kid is a class act and deserves recognition for what he has done. Same goes for Lynch. Since they were so invite happy, I’m kinda surprised that Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater didn’t get the nod to got to NYC.

That’s just the way it plays out sometimes. So good luck to those who are actually making the trip. The ceremony is this Saturday night, December 14th and will be aired on ESPN.


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