Happy Birthday, Dax!

Yes, today is Valborg – what’s that you say? Well, its a Swedish celebration that welcomes the start of Spring and getting loaded for much of Sweden. They have bonfires and well, it’s just a good old fashioned time with friends. But that’s not what this post is about. What is that you say? Did I hear right? Is it our favorite ginger’s birthday? Why yes! 26 years ago today, the world got a little more brighter when Dax McCarty was born. And now for some really awesome photos of Dax being Dax. Enjoy!


 Really, Dax is in here. He’s just in Ninja stealth mode.


Ok, so this isn’t a photo of Dax…and more like a photo of his BFF 5ever, Heath Pearce…but I swear Dax is in this photo…squint to see the pretty. He’s there.


Dax? We’re getting there…


If only Dax would be invited for peace talks with Syria…I’m sure that if he can handle this Frenchman – he can handle anything.


Ah, yes…here he is…the party has officially started!

SOCCER: APR 13 MLS - NY Red Bulls at DC United

Move over, Pontius…here he comes strolling into the game…yes, his hair is making its own dramatic entrance…and maybe the ball is going through some Star Wars style moment of its own but let’s just enjoy this for now.


Here is Dax with “Clark Kent.” They must be exchanging numbers…fashion ideas…goal scoring plans…the possibilities are endless!


Just a few birthday shout out’s for Dax from twitter…oh HP3, you’re too funny. And we agree that Dax is the cutest redhead ever…well, besides Annie and Pippi Longstocking and Chucky.

But, let’s show you why we love Dax in one perfect gif…


…yeah, *ring ring* USMNT, you have a warrior banging on the door…let him in.

Happy Birthday, Dax! We thought about sending you cake and champagne…but we kind of celebrated for you at 10 a.m. xoxo

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