Happy Birthday, Aerys Sports!

We’re going to detour a little from the normal Gamecocks coverage because today’s kind of a big day: Aerys Sports is turning two years old!

While Cocky Country did not exist when Aerys first launched (and was in fact called G9 Sports, not Aerys), I was still part of the network, though I wrote a weekly piece on a human interest story from MLB.

That was fun and worked well for me since I was finishing my senior year at USC and didn’t have a ton of extra time to write, but Cocky Country came into existence about three months or so into Aerys’ existence, and I’m happy to report that it’s still here.

Deciding to join Aerys was pretty much a no-brainer. USC was where I discovered I had a passion for sports, and Aerys gave me the opportunity to share that passion (plus some snark and silliness) with a broader audience, which has been fantastic.

Over the past two years, the network has grown to include coverage of teams in all sports, including the Olympics and other major sporting tournaments. For our part, the NCAA group also created the Neutral Zone, which serves as a catchall for any NCAA news involving a team that doesn’t have a specific writer. I handle the SEC coverage over there, so you should probably consider checking it out (please and thank you).

If you follow me and/or Cocky Country on Twitter, you know that I’m pretty active. Related fun fact: I found out about Aerys through Twitter, because Julie, our founder/CEO/Cubs reporter, and I happened to follow each other. SO, the next time someone tells you Twitter’s dumb, you can tell them that story and tell them to TAKE THAT.

Finally, thank you, Gamecock Nation and whoever else ends up here (I know some of y’all search for dirty things and find this site instead), for reading.  Thanks to Steve Spurrier for being who he is (more on that in the next few days) and giving me fun things to write about it. Thanks to the baseball and football teams for having unprecedented success that’s been wonderful to cover. And of course, thanks to Julie for having this great idea and making it happen, and thanks to my fellow writers, who prove on a daily basis that girls can – and do – like and understand and have opinions on sports (outside of just thinking that athletes are hot).

Happy Birthday, Aerys! Here’s to many, many more!

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