Happy Aaron Rodgers Day!

Today may be 12/12/12, which is cool in itself, but today is also dedicated to the one and only, AARON RODGERS!!

Happy Aaron Rodgers day everyone!

Our #12 is better than yours!!! Sorry Tom, had too!

The state of Wisconsin decided to name today Aaron Rodgers day in honor of the QB who wears #12. Pretty awesome, right?

Fans throughout Wisconsin are celebrating the occasion along with some of the local businesses and companies. Some people had “wear your Aaron Rodgers jersey day” at work, while sports stores were also selling Rodgers t-shirts today for only $12.

To help celebrate, here are just a few fun facts about Aaron.

  • His birthday in December 2nd, 1982
  • He is 6’2″
  • He has a younger brother named Jordan who is the QB at Vanderbilt
  • His middle name is Charles
  • Aaron Rodgers finished 9th in the Heisman voting in 2004

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