Guthrie’s Healthy, But O’s Fall Anyway

The Three Amigos. Already inseparable. Cute, guys.

Way to greet me on my first trip to Camden Yards this year, boys. Hey, at least you tried. And I still love you.

Actually, there were quite a few positives from this game – Guthrie was absolutely superb in his six innings, with a homer by Adrian Beltre being the only blemish on an otherwise extremely effective start. And to think just a few days ago he was in the hospital with pneumonia.

Of course, the Orioles simply couldn’t get their offense going today. At one point, Nick Markakis made it to third, but then he second-guessed himself about ten times and never made it home despite the fact that the throw home ended up going all the way to the backstop. Whether or not he would have made it home is uncertain, but the offense was so slow on the day that he might as well have tried.

The nail in the coffin was a two-run homer from Ian Kinsler off of Jim Johnson. It wasn’t exactly necessary for the Rangers to win, but it certainly helped to put us away. The offense just wasn’t there for the Orioles today, and that’s pretty much why they lost.

On the flip side, OPACY looks amazing. The concessions have been updated and some new stores have been added, and everything looks cleaner and more organized. The upper deck seats are also roomier, as advertised. The only gripe I have is the new lack of autism awareness pretzels, because I loved getting those to donate to my favorite cause. Everything looks beautiful, though, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

And the pitching staff is bonding. Matusz, Tillman and Britton were together the entire game (see above). I love their camaraderie.

To finish, since this never gets old, here is the ‘Who Am I?’ video from today, because everyone loves baby pictures of Matt Wieters.

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