Gamecock Football Roundup: Jerideau Arrested, Robinson & Botkin Hired

You take the good, you take the bad, you take ‘em both and there you have…the news from today on the USC football front. (Yes, that was a reference to the Facts of Life theme song.) Let’s get the negative stuff over with first:

Junior defensive tackle Byron Jerideau was arrested last night in Five Points (ugh). He was charged with disorderly conduct and jaywalking. Side note: I think jaywalking is the stupidest thing to be arrested for, and I jaywalked all over Columbia, so I’m glad I never got caught. Anyway, back to Jerideau. From GoGamecocks:

“[He] was observed by Columbia city police coming out of Grandma’s Bar on Harden Street and using profanity in a loud manner while attempting to cross the street in the middle of the block.

The police report states that he was almost struck by an SUV and nearly caused a collision as he put up his hands instructing oncoming traffic to stop for him. Jerideau, 22, was stopped by police on a crowded sidewalk, with the report stating the officer could smell alcohol on the player’s breath and person.

As police attempted to place him under custody, the former Colleton County High player profanely questioned the charges and stated that he wasn’t going to jail.”

That was straight up dumb on Byron’s part, but if he had been drinking, then the logical part of his brain obviously wasn’t fully engaged. Another side note: at least he’s of age. Per school policy, he has been suspended from team activities. Let’s hope this is the firts and only offseason arrest for the Gamecocks.

It seems Jerideau was recently released from the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, as he just tweeted this:

Now for the (hopefully) good news:

Two new coaches were hired today. Joe Robinson will take over special teams and tight ends, and Kirk Botkin will be in charge of linebackers. Robinson comes from North Carolina, though he was only there for one season. He spent three years before that at LSU, where his special teams units were consistently successful. After the announcement today, Robinson had this to say:

“I’m excited to be here and thankful to become part of Coach Spurrier’s staff. He’s done a great job with this program and my family is excited about this opportunity.”

Head Coach Steve Spurrier released a statement as well:

“We are pleased to announce Joe Robinson as our special teams coach. He has many years of experience and his special teams had the No. 1 overall ranking in the SEC in 2009. Our special teams will be in good hands under Coach Robinson and we look forward to having him and his family become Gamecocks.”

Carolina’s other newest member, Botkin, has spent the past two years as a high school coach, but was at Arkansas for two seasons prior to that. He also played in the NFL from 1994-97, until an injury cut his career short. Botkin gave this statement today:

“I’m happy to be here and have the opportunity to work with outstanding coaches like Coach Spurrier and Coach Ward (who he worked with at Arkansas). I’m looking forward to bringing my family to Columbia and becoming part of the Gamecock family.”

Spurrier had this to say about Botkin’s hiring:

“He has a lot of experience as both a player and a coach. I feel that Coach Botkin will bring energy, enthusiasm and good play to our linebackers.”

Now the only coaching position that is not filled is the running backs job. Congratulation to both Robinson and Botkin, and welcome to Gamecock Nation, sirs!

Coaches photos via the Athletic Departments at LSU and the University of Arkansas.

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