Game Thread: Orioles at Red Sox, 7:05 pm EST

Here’s the lineup for the night game, complete with me flailing because Matt Angle is the leadoff batter:

Matt Angle, RF
Randy Winn, LF
Felix Pie, CF
Jake Fox, C
Josh Bell, 3B
Brendan Harris, 2B
Brandon Snyder, DH
Joe Mahoney, 1B
Robert Andino, SS
Ryan Drese, SP

Scutaro SS
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Drew RF
Varitek C
Lowrie 3B
Nava LF
Sutton 1B
Lin CF

Pitching tonight will be Ryan Drese, Pedro Viola, and Armando Gabino for the Orioles and Clay Buchholz, Bobby Jenks, Scott Atchison, and Randy Williams for the Red Sox. This game also makes me exceedingly happy because both Jed Lowrie and Matt Angle are playing in it. If only this one was televised so I could see it. Drat.

Also, my Stanford baseball site is going live, speaking of Jed Lowrie, so you can check that out at Nine Shot First!

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