Game 5: Yankees 5, Orioles 4 (FINAL)

This place is getting some extra love tonight.

I am generally out on Tuesday nights, so unless the game comes earlier in the day or is on the West Coast, I’ll probably miss the majority of it.

That being said, I have apparently missed a good one. I returned in the bottom of the 8th, with the Orioles and Yankees tied 4-4. I didn’t know the particulars of what happened, but I went and read them over, and what I found was that this was a game that the Orioles initially led…but they naturally lost that lead in the 6th, and it’s been a stalemate ever since. It’s typical Orioles fare, isn’t it?

It really is. I mean, they had the bases juiced in the 9th and naturally failed to score. Typical Orioles fare.

So here we go into extra innings. Yay? At least it’s free baseball, I guess.

10th Inning: Nobody scores.

11th Inning: The Yankees don’t score. Let’s see if the Orioles stop sucking and do. …nope.

12th Inning: RBI double for the Yankees puts the enemy up 5-4. Joy. And then Mariano Rivera comes in. And we lose.

The end.

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