Game 3: Orioles 3, Twins 1

This one…let’s call this one The No-Hitter That Wasn’t.

Jason Hammel came awfully close to throwing a no-no, taking it into the 8th before Justin Morneau broke it up with a double off the right field wall. In the end, only two hits – both in the 8th – accounted for the only Twins run of the day. Hammel was that good today. We flirted with greatness this afternoon.

The offense didn’t contribute too much, but it was enough – J.J. Hardy homered in the second, and two more runs came across in the sixth when Wilson Betemit doubled in Adam Jones and Nick Johnson.

On a related note, Nick Johnson’s moustache is really rad. I’ve known that for a while, but I just wanted to share that today.

The Orioles are now 3-0. This places them, in theory, in first place in the AL East since even if the Rays sweep the Yankees today Baltimore comes alphabetically before Tampa Bay. It’s kind of strange to be in first place, but then again, it’s a small sample size.

Speaking of small sample sizes, MASN ran this graphic during the game and I screencapped it:

Markakis saw pitches after this graphic, of course, because this appeared in the middle of the game. Before the game started, he was leading the league in batting, which is probably why they brought this up. At any rate, what we need to take from this is that Markakis recovered very, very quickly from his surgery and we probably don’t need to worry about him.

Actually, with the way this team’s played, it’s tough to find things to worry about. Help me find something to worry about, won’t you?

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