Game 23: Yankees 2, Orioles 1

This is delayed because I was hit in the head last night by a crowd surfer at a general admission concert that I took a friend to and nearly got a concussion.

No, really.

After I finally limped home in Chase (my Cobalt), I checked to see if the Orioles had won. They hadn’t. From what I’ve read, however, Jason Hammel pitched quite nicely, but we weren’t able to jump on opportunities. I mean, look at what Chris Davis has to say about it (via Britt Ghiroli):

“I don’t think it’s anything that we have a mental block or anything like that against them. We’ve played good; we just haven’t capitalized on the opportunities to score runs. You are not going to beat a lot of teams scoring one run, even with as well as we’ve been pitching.”

Just like on Sunday, the team had many opportunities to score and didn’t. The difference is that on Sunday they managed to rally at the end. I was hoping that momentum would carry over, but…no.

A couple of good things, though: Jim Johnson has recovered from food poisoning – he was able to pitch last night. That’s a huge relief. I also like Nick Markakis’s hustle on that attempt to come home – even if he was tagged out (easily), the fact that this team is pushing and playing as hard as they can is an excellent sign.

Since this is sad, let’s cheer things up a little bit:

Barnaby and Louise at three weeks old. PUPPIES!

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