Friday Morning Blitz: Gronk Cleared, Peyton Palooza, Fat Logos and More!

Gronk PoseHappy Friday you guys!

We’ve got a few things to talk with you NFL wise. So top off your coffee, sit back and relax!

It’s Gronk Time! 

New England Patriots’ Tight End Rob Gronkowski has been cleared to play by doctors. Just in time for the Patriots battle this weekend with the New York Jets.  According to, Dr. James Andrews held off clearing the pass-catcher for games because of lingering issues with Gronk’s forearm. Coming off multiple surgeries on that arm along with an offseason procedure on his back, Gronk’s return has been treated with caution.

Ladies and gentleman! Be excited! GRONK!

Here’s more from on the return!

Wilson Throws 3 TDs in Win

Those who have Russell Wilson on their fantasy teams are doing a little dance this morning! AMIRITE?

Wilson threw 235 yards for three touchdown passes. Very nice! What’s even better? According to, Wilson is an improvisational master; you can’t script a play like the 31-yard touchdown pass he threw to Sidney Rice. He showed great touch on a 15-yard score to Zach Miller and unreal arm strength on a third-down completion to Rice on the run.

What the narrative?!

Hey! Did you know that Peyton Manning is returning to Indianapolis this weekend as the Denver Broncos take on the Colts? What? Hadn’t heard? Pay attention!

Here’s USA Today’s excellent story on the return of the all pro-digal son.  And here’s a story from Forbes about Peyton and other returns.

How about a little humor…

David Rappoccio over at Kissing Suzy Kolber ponders what NFL Logos would look like … FAT!

Take a look at the Ravens logo:

Yeah… I’m giggling too!! Take a look at the other logos here!

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