Friday Morning Blitz: Bucs, London, and less Favre

medium_Schiano.JPGEven before the Bucs (now 0-7) lost to the Panthers last night, Greg Schiano was not Mr. Popular, with his team or the NFL.

On Thursday, the NFL announced which teams will play in London in 2014:

Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons
Miami Dolphins vs. Oakland Raiders

The Jags, Falcons, and Raiders will all be the “home” team. Meanwhile, the rest of us will watch from home and pretend like next year we’ll have enough money to go.


It’s still a story; and still not a story. The interwebs continue to discuss how Brett Favre could have gone to St. Louis, but turned down the offer for his family (how is he a grandfather already?!). The Rams instead signed Brady Quinn and Austin Davis. It appears Tim Tebow did not get a call (me neither, Timmy, want to get coffee and talk it over?)

And finally, if you’re into numbers, here’s a break-down of Super Bowl odds for every NFL team.


Emily Ritter is a contributing writer for Aerys Offsides. She tweets and stuff: @ebritter2.

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