Friday Fail: Ohio State Edition (In Pictures!)

Earlier this morning, Ohio State’s backup QB, Cardale Jones, tweeted out this gem:

Tweet goes viral.  Not something an athlete should be saying, even if they’re thinking it, because a lot of people would gladly take thier FULL RIDE to Ohio State and NOT waste it.

Then Awful Announcing writes about it.

Then, this happens:

Followed by me getting a new follower:

So much fail, so little time.  Perhaps the OSU sports information department should tell its athletes the “hacked” excuse didn’t work for many a politician and won’t work for them.

No words.  Seriously.

One thought on “Friday Fail: Ohio State Edition (In Pictures!)

  1. karen says:

    Too funny that he (maybe) realizes that tweeting about education being a waste wasn’t the brightest thing he could have done…so he plays the I-was-hacked-card, and then tweets about skipping class and playing videogames. After just paying my daughter’s eleventy-billion dollar tuition bill, this bugs the shit out of me

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