Friday Blitz: Winslow and Funky Monkey, and much more

Happy Friday, you guys! Looking forward to ALL the football and sports this weekend? Yeah, me too! Let’s discuss some of today’s NFL news!

* is reporting that when Kellen Winslow, Jr, was arrested in November, he was taking care of a … umm… little bit of business when he was sitting in the Target parking lot. In addition to relaxing with some synthetic weed. Yeah. Kellen. Relax and smoke your synthetic weed at home. And…  Keep it your pants when your out in public! Here’s a link with a story that you’ll just have to read to believe! Oh Kellen.


* In other Jets news, the team and Head Coach Rex Ryan will be together a little bit longer! Ryan has earned himself another guaranteed year through 2015. Now. Ryan has had an 8-8 record this season. Not exactly a “sticking around” record. While Ryan definitely has a job for the next two season, the Jets do hold the option to get out of the contract if they so please. So. Maybe, Rex shouldn’t get so comfortable.  Oh, who are we kidding.

* Every time you hear Peyton Manning audible “Omaha” during the AFC Championship game between his Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, one lucky charitable organization for at-risk youth will receive a $500 donation.

According to

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce president and CEO David Brown announced Thursday that five Omaha-based companies are combining to donate $500 to Manning’s “Peyback Foundation” each time he shouts “Omaha” in Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots. Manning said “Omaha” 44 times in last week’s game. The same number against the Patriots would be worth $22,000 to his foundation. The participating companies are ConAgra Foods, First National Bank of Omaha, Mutual of Omaha, Omaha Steaks and Union Pacific Railroad.

I hope we hear Omaha a lot for those kids!

* After the Super Bowl, NFL fans can turn their attentions to the NFL draft. Here’s a list from with the potential order for this years draft. Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins fans will want to avoid looking at this list. They traded away their first round picks. After this season, I’m sure Redskins fans are…. thrilled!

* According to Colts GM Ryan Grigson, the Colts wouldn’t have gotten where they did this season with out Trent Richardson and will be an integral part of their future. Mmmk, Ryan! I’ll take your word on it for the future, but this season is thanks to Andrew Luck, Donald Brown and TY Hilton. And you probably know that too.

Now for a little fun! Colin Kaepernick, y’all!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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