Friday Blitz: Green shoes, Giants, Gronk update, Redskins name drama, and DCC update

Bears Brandon Marshall Wore Green Shoes for Thursday Night Football

Photo from @cjzero

Photo from @cjzero

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wore green cleats during Thursday night’s game to support Mental Health Awareness Week. The NFL stated they would fine him since it violates the uniform policy. Marshall stated he would match the fine and donate it to a cancer charity.

Giants are 0-6, Eli Throws Picks
The Giants held the Bears to 27 points but it wasn’t enough to win. They are now the not so proud owners of an 0-6 record. Also, Eli Manning threw three interceptions during the game. In all six of the Giants losses, Manning has made some costly mistakes. Not all the blame can go on Manning though. The Giants pass rush could not even get close to Cutler. Hopefully the Giants coaching staff can take the weekend to figure out ways to improve for next week.

Patriots’ Gronkowski is Not Cleared Yet
New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski has yet to be cleared to play. He has been recovering from a series of surgeries for his fractured forearm and back injury. Gronkowski was hoping to be cleared to play for Sunday’s game but his chances are very slim.

Anti-’Redskins’ Ad to be Aired During Dallas Game
There has been a great debate over the Washington Redskins name. The Oneida Indian Nation will air a radio ad on the Cowboys flagship station on Sunday. This ad features clips from President Barack Obama and Republican Congressman Tom Cole. This ad is part of a campaign that will air for all road games for the Redskins this year.

Dallas-Cowboys-Cheerleaders-350x197-300x168Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team Updates
In last week’s episode, we saw all of the rookie candidates get their look updated. Kelli was surprised by how some of the girls were transformed. In the last episode, we saw Tessa go down with a knee injury and she shared the results of her doctor’s visit with the coaches. The girls were taken to Abi Ferrin’s Fashion studio by Kelli to get some DCC “Do’s and Don’ts.” Kelli and Judy bring in a guest choreographer, DJ Guthrie, to teach the girls a new dance style. The end of the episode shows Kelli and Judy having to make some decisions on who to keep and who to cut.

The show will return with a new episode on October 18 on CMT.

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