Tobacco and Baseball: U.S. Senators Newest Endeavour

The World Series starts tonight, with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers facing off for the final baseball glory of 2011. However, it wouldn’t be fitting if there wasn’t at least a little bit of drama to add to the spectacle, this year brought on by none other than the U.S. Senate. Because, […]

Foul Territory: Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan has given the world a lot of wonderful things: That glorious mustache. The Hulkster Burger. Brooke Hogan. He’s an American icon, an example of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Television has gifted us with some delightful treats as well: I Love Lucy, Monday Night Football, and Pauly […]

Foul Territory: Paul Hamm

Remember Paul Hamm? Paul and his twin brother Morgan are gymnastic dynamos, part of U.S. teams that competed — and earned medals — at the Olympics. Paul, in fact, won the all-around competition in 2004. I never really heard either of their names come up after that. Until now. Paul Hamm was fired as Ohio […]

Foul Territory: Oscar de la Hoya

In News That Surprised No One Other Than It Took This Long? Oscar De La Hoya came out and said those photos of him in fishnets and high heels back in 2007? Yeah, it was him. We’re not dogging on him for what he did — whatever he wants to do in whatever clothing in […]

Foul Territory: Viviana Sanchez

Viviana Sanchez is a Costa Rican reporter interviewing Wilson Munoz after a game. It’s better to just watch this video instead of trying to explain what’s going on.  

Foul Territory: The University of Miami

With a week chock full of options (the botched home run call in KC, the fact Jim Hendry was actually fired a month ago, those at What Not To Wear …), Foul Territory has chosen to direct our attention to the University of Miami, more specifically, the makers of this horrendous T-shirt. Yeah, stay classy […]

Foul Territory: Indians Fan Sparks a New Revolution of Annoying

The Pulse would like to introduce “Foul Territory:” a weekly post featuring an offensive, ridiculous, or all-around absurd sports moment from the last week either on the field or off. In the first edition of Foul Territory, we present you — #girlbehindtheplate. There aren’t many things that can turn a baseball game sour. Unless of […]