Five Unearned Runs Give Arrieta Third Win

So we were losing. And then we tied it up. And through six innings, it looked like a pretty tight game.

Then the seventh happened and, well, we got a win. We ended up picking up five unearned runs, most of those off of poor Chris Sale, who still has quite a few control issues to work through, it seems. (He looked fine in the eighth, though, so maybe he just started off rough. Either way, we got the runs.)

The man known as Hot Arrieta earned his third win, going six innings and giving up three runs along the way. He and Danks were fairly well-matched, with both surrendering three runs before the seventh inning debacle.

Oh, and Matt Wieters was pretty darn awesome tonight. He put the Orioles up 5-3 with a homer and had a double during that seventh inning, helping the Orioles significantly along on their way to a 10-4 win. I’m actually feeling for the White Sox as of late, because they’ve been really struggling and it’s kind of sad. At least they took two of three from the Yankees for us. That was neat.

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