Fantasy Football Fridays – To Replace Or Not To Replace Your Kicker…That Is The Question

In Fantasy Football bye week always complicate things, especially when you sprinkle in a few injured players, you’ve got yourself a recipe for a mid season breakdown in your fantasy league. Most team managers prepared for the bye weeks & injuries by drafting a solid backup option or picking up a breakout player during the season. However, many only plan for when your RBs, WRs or QBs went on a bye week. No one ever plans for their kicker to go on bye week; and if you did you definitely wasted a pick.

I have Josh Scobee in all 4 of my leagues. Mostly because he is my favorite player; also because let’s face it, besides MJD he is the one player that Jacksonville can count on every game! Enough about my love for Scobee.

With the Jaguars on bye week, I’m faced with a difficult in Week 9. Do I pick up a kicker to replace Josh Scobee? Here are a few things you should consider before replacing your kicker.

Who will you be playing in this week’s matchup?

When I was considering replacing him this week I looked at whom I will be matchup against. In one of my leagues I am playing a team who is (1-7). Now this is not just bad luck for the owner, they are just inexperienced when it comes to managing an fantasy team. In this league I will probably just keep Scobee on the roster & not bother adding/dropping to pick someone else up.

However, in another league I am playing a (6-2) team with the owner currently sitting in 2nd place. Did I mention this individual does a lot of smacking talking? So far this week looks like an even matchup with only a projected 10 pt difference. In this league I will definitely be replacing Scobee in hopes it will give me the extra advantage I need to win this game.

Who would you drop in order to add another kicker?

Next I took into consideration which player I would have to replace on my roster in order to add another. In a few leagues I have players on the bench that may have been used during bye weeks, substituted for injured players or have simply been underperforming all season. I used these players to pick up my additional kicker.

However there are leagues where backups are thin & I still have many bye weeks ahead for RBs & WRs. This is where I weigh out the risk of adding a kicker for one week & dropping a player that will help me in the long run. In one league I have a backup QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs & 1 TE.  While usually I wouldn’t draft an extra TE or QB unless it was needed for a bye week; but in this league my starters are hit or miss. With Mark Sanchez & Matt Ryan as my QBs, you’ll understand why sometimes I play the matchup.

Who is there to replace them with?

When looking for a kicker in Fantasy Football it’s sometimes six of one & half dozen of the other. Unless the kicker is an intricate part of the offense, like Scobee in Jacksonville; chances are it will be hard to predict who they will do week to week.

I look at kickers are extra credit points; it’s always nice to get those few extra points, but I don’t count on them to win games. When scoping out a replacement kicker this week I looked at who was the most consistent each week. Sure there were kickers that had explosive weeks, but on the week to week basis they may have been hot & cold.

Having your kicker on a bye week is also a great time to consider whether or not your current kicker is cutting it. Are you sick of having 1 or 2pt games from your current kicker? Maybe there’s a free agent that is being more consistent week to week. Or maybe you would just be better off playing the matchups each week. Even though kickers won’t make or break your season, you don’t need any dead weight on your roster right now.

Bottom Line: If you have to replace a player that could help you in the long run; if there isn’t a quality backup option; or you have a matchup where the kicker won’t make a difference, don’t bother replacing them on a bye week. After all it is just one week.


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