Everyone is #Henrying, are you?

I know, you’re all sick and tired of “Tebowing” but hey, that’s NFL, guys and obviously we’re all MLS here. Something magical happened when the Red Bulls played Toronto FC, yes, yes…you already know they won…but wait, what was that that happened after Thierry Henry’s goal? Did something happen? Did we all witness the beginning of a movement? Was he hurt? No! He did something the cool kids are calling, “Henrying.” Say what?

You don’t get to 400 goals without needing to take a break. And that’s exactly what Thierry Henry did!

The original

He even stayed in that pose when fellow teammate and Aerys favorite, Jonny Steele ran up and jumped on his back to celebrate. There was nothing that was going to make him move.

Jonny Steele Theirry Henry

And now, let’s take a look at the moment of how it all went down.


“I can’t run too much anymore, I’m just getting my rest,” Thierry Henry on his recent goal celebration.

But it didn’t stop there! Because anything and everything can be viral these days…well, the following is proof that the people of Twitter are starting a movement that I think everyone will want to be apart of!

Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 4

And now, dear readers, we ask for you to submit your best “Henrying” pose and we’ll post in a follow up! If you need a guide, never fear, @GothamistDan has it down for you and the guys over at KickTV are sharing it with us all.


2 thoughts on “Everyone is #Henrying, are you?

  1. This is so hilarious. I’m highly enjoying all the photos on Twitter.

  2. Tamara Rinehart says:

    Perfect post. I’m dying over here!

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