EPL Roundup; Week 7 action!

Bravo to Manchester United and Manchester City! Both teams got a much needed win this past weekend and are finally putting their feet in the right direction. Liverpool are proving that they can’t be stopped as they are taking the league by storm and not looking back. West Brom put up a fight with Arsenal, and Chelsea dominated Norwich. Here’s a couple of recaps and the results from the rest of the weekend!

Manchester City (3) v Everton (1)
Goals- City: Negredo (17’) Aguero (45’) Howard/own goal (69’); Everton: Lukaku (16’)
Manchester City ended Everton’s unbeaten streak on Saturday with an impressive 3-1 win. City knew this was a must win game for their team since they have been struggling the past couple of weeks. Everton got on the board early but lost all their momentum as Negredo scored less than a minute later. Tim Howard had a mishap in the 69th minute as he tried to save a PK and instead knocked the ball in for an own goal. Joe Hart has been under a bit of pressure after the losses versus Aston Villa and Bayern Munich, but he put his best foot forward this weekend to help City earn their win.

Liverpool (3) v Crystal Palace (1)
Goals- Liverpool: Suarez (13’) Sturridge (17’) Gerrard (38’); CP: Gayle (76’)
Liverpool got on the board early and often in the first half so they could relax in the final 45’. Suarez is still showing why he’s one of the best and Sturridge is not going to let anybody forget his name either. (Sturridge’s goal was a beauty, just look at the gif down there! LOOK AT THAT!)  The pair stole the show once again and are proving to be a wrecking force when they work together. Of course Steven Gerrard wasn’t going to let the young guys show him up, so he notched in his 99th Premier League goal in the 38th minute and led Liverpool to their 3-1 win. It’s been awhile since Liverpool has played this well and the fans are soaking up every minute.

Cardiff City (1) v Newcastle (2)
Goals- CC: Odemwingie (58’); Newcastle: Remy (30’ 38’)
Fulham (1) v Stoke City (0)
Goals- Darren Bent (83’)

Norwich (1) v Chelsea (3)
Goals- Norwich: Pilkington (68’); Chelsea: Oscar (4’) Hazard (85’) Willian (86’)
Sunderland (1) v Manchester United (2)
Goals- Sunderland: Gardner (5’); MU: Januzaj (55’ 61’)
Southampton (2) v Swansea City (0)
Goals- Lallana (19’) Rodriguez (83’)
Tottenham (0) West Ham United (3)
Goals- Reid (66’) Vaz Te (72’) Morrison (79’)

West Bromwich (1) v Arsenal (1)
Goals- WB: Yacob (42’); Arsenal: Wilshire (63’)
Hull City (0) v Aston Villa (0)


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