Ducks PA Announcer Phil Hulett Offers Voice For Charity

With the lockout extending by the day our very own PA announcer for the Anaheim Ducks, Phil Hulett [@PhilHulett], has offered up something special for Ducks fans. You can now have him create a personalized goal call just for you at Phil’s website: here. While a donation (that goes to Anaheim Ducks Foundation) is not required, it is encouraged. Phil will record your specialized goal call and email you the mp3 file so you can save it as a ringtone, an alert, or whatever you’d like to use it for. Just fill out the form with any 3 Ducks players of your choice.

Last season the Phil Hulett created twitter hashtag #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll became so popular it trended world wide. It’s a soothing sound for an Anaheim Ducks fan when we hear Phil’s voice over the PA announcing up goals, and since the lockout we haven’t had the opportunity to hear it since April 1st, 2012. With Phil’s new creative way to raise money for charity, we can now hear it whenever we want to! Thank you Phil Hulett!

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