Draft Day Preview

The Avs' previous highest pick since relocating to CO. Photo: Bridget Samuels/Flickr.

The Avs’ previous highest pick since relocating to CO. Photo: Bridget Samuels/Flickr.

Tomorrow is the big day of the summer for the Avalanche: the team will (most likely) be drafting first overall in the entry level draft. I know there has been some talk that the team will trade the pick, but I don’t think they should trade the pick for anything less than an established top 10 defenseman in the league. (Whether they actually exact that return in any potential trade remains to be seen-while the team has made some pretty even trades recently, they have yet to really win any trade outright in the last few years.)

I’ve resigned myself to the idea that the team is probably going to pick Nathan MacKinnon (I am still firmly in Seth Jones’ camp.) While I think this pick will cause some problems down the road, I’m adjusting to the idea. I’m still not wholly comfortable, but I know that I’m not exactly in a position to change the Avalanche’s mind. (Even though I’m fairly sure all of our outraged protests on twitter and facebook surrounding the decision to add ice girls to the crew led to the team’s “Ice Girls FAQ” post.) I also realize that it probably gets a bit tiring if I constantly post about how big of a mistake the Avs are making in skipping Seth Jones. (So one last time, I’ll say it: Seth Jones is totally going to be nominated for the Norris Trophy before he’s 25 and turn into one of the best players in the league if the Avs pass up the chance to take him.)

I’ll be livetweeting tomorrow night (@GetHigherAvs), and I’ll be sure to write up a big master post. After that, we’ll have to look forward to “Free Agency Frenzy.” Remember folks, only 10 or 11 more weeks until we can watch our beloved, somewhat fumbling team.

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