DKA: Raul, Frankie Hejduk Bid Fans Farwell

It’s always hard to let go of legends. It’s foolish to think our favorite players will play as long as we want them too, but the reality of it is there will always come a day when your player says the dreaded “R” word. In today’s DKA, two players have announced their retirements. Plus we have regulation news and an update on the punishment handed out to New York Red Bulls’ Rafa Marquez. It’s your Thursday Daily Kick Around!

Major League Soccer

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but current L.A Galaxy and former Columbus Crew defender Frankie Hejduk announced today that he would be retiring from MLS. As a Crew fan, I can help but be a little saddened by the retirement of our former captain. But he’ll be joining the Crew staff as a brand ambassador. So welcome back to Cbus, Frankie! We’re so happy you’re back!

A lot of us have been waiting to hear what the league’s Disciplinary Committee would think of Rafa Marquez’s tackle and kick  on San Jose’s Shea Salinas. He was given a three-game suspension and fined an undisclosed fee. SJ’s Marvin Chavez was  also banned one game and fined after a tackle in the heated match between the two teams. The two retro-bans make a total of 10 the league has done so far. What do you think? Did Marquez get was was deserved? Should he have gotten more?

You know all that discussion about goal line tech? Well MLS could be the first league in the world to implement it. MLS Comissioner Don Garber said today, ‘‘We’re interested in being a test league and we hope that we could achieve that,” adding that it could be in place this season if the governing body approves the move in July.


There are very few football fans who don’t know the name Raul when you say it. He’s a legend of the game and sadly, he too has not only announced his retirement from Bundesliga, but from European football all together. He’s been a striker for Schalke for about two years since he left Spanish giants Real Madrid and at the age of 34, will not renew his contract at the end of the season. The rumor now is that he could be looking at MLS. Hmm….  Best of luck Raul!

English Premier League

Reading FC are riding high as they have earned one of three spots out of the Championship League and to EPL. The Royals are back after their win Tuesday against Nottingham Forest kept them in top spot of the league. Second place team Southampton could overtake them, but with only two games left for Reading, it’s hard to see them not making it back into the top tier of English soccer.

Champion’s League

Wow. Just wow. Who says soccer isn’t exciting huh? Not only did Bayern clench a late winner against Real Madrid this week, Chelsea, the lone English club remaining in the European tournament, turned Barcelona on their ears yesterday. A killer – albeit theatrical – performance from the Blues’ Drogba would put Chelsea over the Catalans 1-0. Now if they can just hold them off at Camp Nou…..

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