DKA: Manchester Derby Day!

Oh dear lord, soccer fans, it’s Derby Day in Manchester!!! Even if you aren’t a fan of the Blues and Red Devils, you have got to be itching for this game just as much as we are. Today, we’ve got the countdown to the big event, plus Arsenal’s newest signing and maybe, quite p

English Premier League

Is there any rivalry in EPL as big as Manchester United v. Manchester City? You never know what to expect, but you know it’s going to be big! Ryan Giggs is excited about, I’m excited about and I’m sure you are too! This game could shift everything in the league – and I’m not just being dramatic. A United win would clench the 20th league title championship for the Red Devils. A City win could very well put them at top and crush their cross–town rivals. What ever happens, don’t miss a minute of it! Kick off is at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN. You might want to call in sick this afternoon for this one!

Arsenal fans, rejoice!!! Lukas Podolski – the German sensation – has committed to joining the Gunners during the summer transfer season.

Podolski, who has 95 caps, said: “I’m so happy to be joining Arsenal and the Premier League. They are one of the top clubs in Europe with a huge history.

Congrats to Podoloski and Arsenal. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the team next year.

England National Team

The big news this weekend and today, behind the derby, was the news that West Brom told the FA they could interview manager Roy Hodgson for the job of England National Team manager.  Hodgson arrived in Wembley today for the interview and – as a friend put it – he looked as excited as a puppy being taken for a walk. If you are surprised by the choice, you’ll have something in common with Harry Redknapp, Tottenham manager, who kinda thought he was gonna get the call up. Oh well!

Major League Soccer

It was all about the late game winners this weekend in MLS. Just ask our own Alyssa Olszewski, who’s San Jose Earthquakes had a nice little stoppage time win.

Who doesn’t love the Goal of the Week vote? Week 8′s nominees are up! Go vote!!!

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