DKA: La Liga, Diego Forlan And Muamba Update

With Fabrice Muamba making significant progress after suffering a heart attack in Saturday’s FA Cup match against the Spurs, the headlines are still popping up in the football world. In today’s DKA we have a resignation by Ricardo Teixeira, Diego Forlan pulling a Carlos Tevez and of course, some more updates on Muamba’s condition.

La Liga

Villarreal appointed a new manager to finish out the season. Miguel Angel Lotina, who has managed Osasuna, Celta Vigo, Espanyol and Real Sociedad, has been jobless the past year after leaving Depotivo La Coruña last season. Jose Molina was fired after the yellow submarine placed one spot above the relegation zone on Sunday. Lotina is the 4th manager for Villarreal this season.

Even though Real Madrid dropped two points this weekend after a 1-1 draw to Mallorca, FC Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola thinks that Madrid can’t be caught in the race for the La Liga championship. With only 11 matches remaining and an 8-point advantage over the Catalans, Madrid still have a lot of work to do before their meeting with the rivals next months. Barcelona still remain the one club in La Liga Madrid have yet to defeat.

Serie A

Diego Forlan, the new Carlos Tevez? Not quite but the Uruguayan pulled a Tevez-like maneuver on Sunday when he didn’t want to come on the pitch to play in the 77 minute of Inter’s match against Atalanta. Forlan, unlike Tevez, didn’t refuse to come on but he preferred not to come on. Inter manager Claudio Ranieri said it was a tactical decision made my Forlan who was asked if he was prepared to play on the left.

Fabrice Muamba

With Muamba recovering in the hospital, the Premier League are searching for ways to improve their medical tests and treatment during matches. With no reason as to why Muamba suffered cardiac arrest, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has his own opinions:

We need to improve the medical side for the players, we need to screen the players often, maybe two times a year and they have to be more accurate because they don’t do this. When I saw our medical two years ago, I was really worried. I said we need to do them better … what happened to Muamba and other players in the past can’t happen again.”

Eric Abidal, the Barcelona left-back wrote via his facebook account a message of support to Muamba and his family. “Fabrice Muamba, all my heart is with you and your loved ones! We’re with you and your family!”

Today’s match between Bolton & Aston Villa has been postponed. The Premier League made a statement regarding the cancellation:

“Following Fabrice Muamba’s admission to hospital yesterday evening the Premier League and Aston Villa have agreed to Bolton Wanderers’ request to postpone the Barclays Premier League match between the two clubs scheduled for Tuesday 20th March. The thoughts of the Premier League, its clubs an players are with Fabrice Muamba, his family and Bolton Wanderers at this difficult time.”


Ricardo Teixeira has resigned from the FIFA Executive Committee this morning just one week from stepping down as the head of the Brazilian Football Confederation and organizer of the 2014 World Cup,citing his resignations as “personal reasons.”

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