DKA: EPL Transfers To Russian Leagues, Timbers Army On TV Show

It’s the weekend, and if you’re like me, you’ve been awake since the crack of dawn watching this morning’s EPL clashes. While there is a lot of action on the field, a few players transfers and loans are making news off the pitch. Plus, Harry Redknapp is speaking out against abusive chants from fans. And MLS supporters group, the Timbers Army, made their TV show debut last night, and looked sharp doing it! That and more, here is your Daily Kick Around!

English Premier League

As the Russian transfer window closed last night, a few last minute moves were made by a couple of EPL sides. The first sees Andrey Arshavin off to Zenit St Petersburg on loan. Arshavin had a stellar first season with Arsenal, but has since fallen off, and was struggling as of late.

Blackburn Rovers were the other EPL squad to make a move last night, sending Christopher Samba off to FC Anzhi Makhachkala. Reports are saying the transfer was for 11 million pounds; a crazy amount of money!

This season in particular, the spotlight has been focused on getting rid of racism in football. Whether it’s coming from fans or players, there has been a huge outcry to put a stop to it. Now Harry Redknapp is calling for an end to not just racism, but all the abusive chants from fans in the stands. As he says in this interview, “People get in a crowd and they change. If you meet them individually they are as good as gold, but get them in a crowd and off they go, they all follow and chant any filth that comes into their heads.” Spot on, Harry.

If you missed any of the EPL action today, you can find all the information you could possibly need, including recaps and scores, right here.

Major League Soccer

Finally, the Timbers Army–supporters group for the Portland Timbers–made their TV show debut last night on Portlandia. A fun, quirky showcase of soccer fans in the US. Watch the two minute clip here!

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