DKA: Alex Morgan, Clint Dempsey And More!

Alex Morgan for SI's Swimsuit Issue.

Friday is everyone’s favorite day of the week, but today it’s an extra special day. I’m sure you’ve probably already seen it, but Alex Morgan revealed that she will be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Aside from Morgan’s smokin’ hot body, there are a few other stories stirring up discussion in the soccer world today. The USWNT is making headlines, Harry Redknapp reacts to calls for him to fill the vacant seat for the England National Team, and much more! Here’s your Daily Kick Around.

US Women’s National Team

I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep my eyes off of that picture to the right. It’s not like it is news to us here at Aerys Soccer that Alex Morgan is a certified hottie, we fully admitted our crush on her a few weeks ago. But we’re glad to see one of our favorite USWNT stars getting some national exposure…and yes, we mean exposure in every sense of the word. Morgan stripped down to nothing but paint for SI’s Swimsuit Issue, and we can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Morgan isn’t the only reason the USWNT has been making headlines in the past month. The team was just awarded January Team of the month, and Abby Wambach Player of the Month by the US Olympic Committee for their phenomenal performance in the Olympic Qualifying tournament in January. Congrats ladies!

The USWNT has added two more games to their busy schedule leading up to the Olympics this summer, as they will take on reigning World Cup Champion Japan and the always difficult Brazil in early April. These will be two great matches that you won’t want to miss!

Continuing on the trend of women’s soccer, now that the WPS has officially been suspended for the 2012 season, teams and players are scrambling to find a way to play at a high level this year. The Women’s Professional Soccer League (WPSL) announced yesterday that they would be adding an Elite Division for 2012, and three ex-WPS squads have already jumped on board. Equalizer Soccer’s Jeff Kassouf has all the details of this newly launched division.

US Men’s National Team

Even though Morgan and the rest of the USWNT ladies are the center of attention today, we can’t forget about the stars of the USMNT. Clint Dempsey, who has been on fire lately for Fulham, has been sharing his life and soccer experiences on in the form of a soccer “diary.” It’s a fun concept that gives us the chance to learn a little bit more about the man dubbed “Deuce.” This week’s entry is all about the road to his first World Cup, in 2006.

English Premier League

Will Ryan Giggs ever retire? The Manchester United legend, who has been playing for the Red Devils since 1991, signed a one year extension today. It will be the 38-year-old’s 22nd year with United, an unbelievable feat to say the least. The man is a machine, it seems the only way he’ll quit playing is when his legs fall off!

Thierry Henry, another footballer of legendary status, will be coming back to his MLS squad on time, despite rumors that he would be extending his loan with Arsenal. Gunners manager Arsene Wenger had considered trying to extend Henry’s loan another two weeks, but said it wouldn’t be fair to the New York Red Bulls to do so. I’m sure NYRB fans will be happy to hear this news!

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has been dominating the headlines the last two days, but not for anything to do with the Spurs. Now that Fabio Capello has resigned from England’s National Team, there is a vacant seat screaming Redknapp’s name. English footballers, members of the media and fans are all calling for Redknapp to take over the position. The question is, does Harry even want it? He answers that here.


Finally, saving the best for last, I give you the only soccer story you should read today. Luke Lohr of The MLS Reserves brings us the tale of Evan Mundine, a young kid with a massive heart and a passion for soccer fighting against multiple injuries and road bumps in his recovery.  Do yourself a favor and read it.

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