Denise Austin ‘Fit in A Flash’ Review

Denise Austin’s Fit in a Flash: 7 Minute Solutions is a customizable workout for busy people. The workouts include two aerobic segments, two total body toning segments, and separate toning segments for the upper body, lower body, and the core. The DVD allows you to mix and match segments according to your preferences. This makes the workout very accessible for both days when you have an hour to workout and for days when you have time constraints. For example:

  • warm up + seven segments + cooldown = 56 minutes
  • warm up + two segments + cooldown = 21 minutes
  • warm up + one segment + cooldown = 14 minutes

The video is targeted to beginner and intermediate exercisers. Level I toning, Level I aerobics, the leg toning segment, and the core segment are done without weights. Austin kicks things up a bit for Level II of aerobics and toning. These segments, along with the arms segment, require hand weights. A mat is also suggested for floor work.

As always, I’m skeptical of claims that you can get “fit in a flash.” Results depend upon a lot of factors, including diet. The DVD doesn’t offer much advice as to how to best use the program. On the back of the cover, it says simply:

Start with the Level 1 workouts, and when you’re ready, advance to Level 2. When you’re feeling good, combine the workouts for a total-body blast that will get you FIT IN A FLASH.

That’s kind of an ambiguous suggestion. But, after you’ve been doing at-home workouts for awhile, you get used to making your own fitness calendar.

I recently used the system while traveling–no weights required. I could alternate Level I toning, Level I aerobics, the legs segment, and core segment in a hotel room without weights. Perfect for a short workout on-the-go!

P.S. If Denise Austin isn’t your favorite instructor, there is an option to workout to music only.

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